Confidentiality and

security first and foremost

In Proiekt we know of the importance and confidentiality of your files and know-how, so we offer additional security services using IRM technology to prevent data leakage even once they have been downloaded

to the PC of your draughtsman.


FC Solution:

Security with IRM technology (Information Rights Management)

Our solution with IRM technology makes it possible to protect confidential files by preventing access to unauthorized people. Documents can be protected from copying, viewing, printing, forwarding, editing, deleting and screen captures.

This is a persistent protection even when documents have been downloaded by the end user. Files can be edited* and modified* safely in the original application, Word, etc, and even avoiding any data leakage.


*According to permissions given by the owner


Encrypt, protect and

share your files

Confidentially share files with secure data transmission RSA-2048 bits with strong

256-bit AES encryption.

Grant different permissions to each file

The owner of the files can confidentially share their files and grant different levels of access

to each user.

Persistent control of files wherever they are

The property of the file remains with the creator even after it has been sent. The user can change the privacy terms and give or revoke access at any time.

Protect files created in design software

With our security solution, apart from protecting office files (Excel, pdf and images), you can also protect your plans created with design softwares. Currently compatible with Autocad and Solidworks, under development for Revit and Inventor.

If you want to protect other programs in the future, fill out the form to decide priorities:

Remote file deletion

The owner of the file can delete the file remotely on the receiver device, even after the file has been sent. Confidential information remains intact even if files are stolen or shared with third parties.

High Security Cloud

Our data cloud meets the following compliances:


  • ISO 27001 and ISO 27018 certified for its Information Security Management System and privacy protection as a PII processor.

  • Department of Defense (DoD) Cloud Computing Security Requirements Guide (SRG) Impact Level 4 Authorization.


  • SOC 1 report based on the SSAE 18 standard, SOC 2 report based on the ISAE 3000 standard, and SOC 3 report based on TSP Section 100a from an independent third party

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