CAD Drafting, designing and data entry outsource services

Draft / Sketch
Autocad drawing

If you need a service for the design of your plans, 3D's, or data entry, here you will find a professional outsource service with usefull features and econmicall price 


Softwares that we work with to offer our CAD drafting, designing and data entry services

Google SketchUp


3D Max


Solid Works




Solid Edge


You & your designer on the same page

With Proiekt, your drawings, sketches, data and all documents are stored in the cloud. Instead of using hundreds of emails and transferring datafiles you and your designer just login to see the same set of data.

Track and control the time worked for your designer

Do you have doubts that the hours we invoice are the real hours we work on your project? Do not doubt because with Proiekt you can time the work of your designer and morover you can check at any moment the screen during the work process, all stored in the cloud in order you can access wherever you want. In Proiket we are transparent with our work

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Check and monitor your projects from anywhere

With our applications for Iphone, Ipad and Android, plus our HTML5 technology, now you can access to the project managment tool, examine your projects, chat with the designer and oversee his work, anytime and anywhere. 

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Proiekt offer drafting outsource services , in a flexible way, fast, transparent and professional in the same time, this enable us to save time, money and problems.

Jorge Ruiz

Production Manager Ferrovial

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We needed a drawing service, to work on diferent projects without the need to be on site, with fast respond and easy comunication, with Proiekt we have found a better service that we were expecting.

Pol Adarve

Strategic Bussines Devoloper Abengoa

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